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I am Shreya Sharma-Tickoo,

I am grateful that you have taken the time to learn about me and my practice. A Psychologist with a Master's degree in Applied Psychology, having over 6 years experience in counselling, with a focus on helping people find their inner peace, deal with life stresses, develop healthy relationships with their loved ones and themselves.

My Philosophy

I strongly believe that you are an expert of your life, there is no one on this planet who knows you better than yourself. I bring with me my resources, my knowledge, my experience in helping you remove the barriers that stops you from helping yourself. So my therapy approach is a collaborative one, both of us would be equal partners in the therapy room and help you achieve your goals.  My approach is client-centered and we focus on your goals, needs and preferences. I encourage my clients to ask questions, set the pace of therapy, and call me out if you feel I have crossed boundary or they have felt judged because of my words or actions. At the end of the day it is your therapy, it is highly important for the success of this therapeutic relationship and its outcome, that you feel comfortable and safe with me.

My style is warm, approachable, and collaborative. I often have received feedback from my clients about my patience and understanding. I know what it feels like to be a client and ask for help, to be vulnerable and share your pain with a stranger. There is always a fear of rejection, and feeling misunderstood. With this knowledge I make it a point to offer a non-judgemental and authentic connection to you. When someone is truly heard and seen change takes place, and everyone deserves to experience that. I aim to offer you my empathy, understanding, transparency, humility, and a sense of safety. I also create a safe space in the therapy room where you can talk about your religion or spiritual journey. There are no topics that are left out if it is important for your wellness. It is never truly possible to separate the human I am from my role as a therapist, over the years I have learned to use my traits of compassion, curiosity, sense of humour and nurturing to be a therapist for you.

Passionate about my work and I like to understand different therapeutic approaches. I use an eclectic approach encompassing various schools of thought from compassion focused therapy, insight-oriented therapy, humanistic approaches, emotion-focused therapy, Gottman couples approaches, relational therapy, cognitive therapy and behaviour therapy.

Being a voracious reader and you will often find me recommending books in the sessions which would help you. Because I strongly believe and work towards helping you grow, I also make it a point to constantly invest in my own growth hence I am under both Supervision (to work on any bias, ethical or moral dilemma I may have with any case) & Therapy (because I believe even therapists need therapists!)


Shreya Sharma

Lets connect to explore

Concerns I deal with

  • Everyone's healing journey and goals are different. Maybe you are feeling an unexplained emptiness in your life and feeling disconnected from your purpose, values and relationships. Maybe you are feeling burnt out or struggling to process your emotions post a break-up or divorce. Maybe you are trying to let go of toxic relationships and learn to set boundaries.
  • Together we would make sense of your struggle and how certain actions, change in perceptions, learning, and unlearning can help you have a peaceful life.
  • Sometimes we just want to be seen and not supported, not find solutions and that is absolutely fine. If you do not have any 'goals' or changes that you wish to make in your life, that is okay. You can utilise this therapy space to process what you are going through, feel validated and not feel alone. If you are stuck in a situation where there is no solution, all you look for is someone who can validate your feelings and help you carry the pain. I am here for you to provide that support!

Are you thinking, how am I going to help you?


In a typical first session which would be of 50 minutes duration, my aim would be to establish rapport, be a patient listener, understand your pain areas and together come up with a plan to meet your expectations from counseling.


My aim is to help you reconnect yourself with the part that will guide you to your healing. I shall be employing various approaches which would include talking about your thoughts, feelings, and bodily experiences. So each session will involve exploration, guided questions & homework.


We would be revisiting our goals often & keep a check on your progress. Form new goals if needed.

Mental health
  • Managing difficult relationships
  • Develop healthy self-care habits
  • Learn to manage your anxiety
  • Unearth your barriers to helping yourself
  • Coping with burnout
Personal growth
  • Rediscover ways to connect with self
  • Adapt to positive personal changes
  • Explore new perspective on life
  • Empower yourself to move forward
  • Discover your authentic voice and self
  • Build new life aligned with your values,desires and true self
Emotional support
  • Identify your emotional triggers
  • Learn healthy way to express your emotions
  • Develop an inner safe space to experience your emotions
  • Heal your inner child wounds
  • Cope with grief & loss
  • Navigating life transitions & changes